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Birth provides an opportunity for empowerment. With the right tools, you can shape your birth experience into something that feels right for you. Prenatal care can ease your mind and prepare you (mind and body) for birth. Labor support provides consistency and solidarity throughout the biggest physiological change of your life. Postpartum services can assist you as you adjust to the emotions, responsibilities, and schedule of a newborn. “Meta” means beyond or more than, and that’s what birth should be.

Sara is a partner, hiker, geographer, yoga teacher, and doula in Golden, Colorado.

Sara is a partner, hiker, geographer, yoga teacher, and doula in Golden, Colorado.


Based out of:

Golden, CO

In service to the following areas:

Golden, denver, denver west, boulder, evergreen, conifer

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doula services

what’s a doula?

As a birth and postpartum doula, my role is to support people before, during, and after birth. Whether you are a single parent or in a partnership, I will support you (and your partner) emotionally, mentally, and physically. If you need a meal, a backrub, or help advocating for your birth preferences, I will be there to support you.


In my life, I have always found the most meaning in serving others. From food systems work and regenerative agriculture to serving in the Peace Corps, joy and curiosity have manifested themselves through anticipating and understanding the needs of the people around me. I have been fortunate enough to feel empowered in my life—not always, but enough to fuel me and motivate me—and I want to empower others, particularly through the physically and emotionally demanding event of birth.

the meta mission

When are we at once our most vulnerable and our most powerful? What is this instance in which the physical self taps into ancient wisdom and propels us through a magical metamorphosis that few are lucky enough to witness? It’s birth. For the baby, it is a newness; a beginning. For the parents, it is a rebirth; a continuation and a transition. My mission is to support you and give you the tools you need (the essentials!) for the satisfying birth experience that you deserve.


All birth doula services include:

2 prenatal visits (1-2 hours)

Labor and immediate postpartum support

1 postpartum visit (2 hours)

Postpartum services:

Daytime care (booked in 3-4-hour increments)

Nighttime care (booked in 8-10-hour increments)

Sibling doula:

2-hour prenatal visit with your child(ren)

Support/care for your child(ren) throughout labor

1-hour postpartum visit with the new family


Postpartum planning (3 hours)

Advanced meal prep (includes shopping)

Postpartum photos


Birth doula services are offered at a flat rate.

Postpartum service fees vary based on daytime or nighttime support.

Sibling doula services are offered at a flat rate.

Customizable packages are available and can lower the cost of services.

*Inquire about a sliding scale!

"Having sara as our doula was one of the best additions to our birth team. she kept everything calm and anticipated needs before they were said. we could not imagine going through labor and delivery without her!"

- brittany and jon



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